I found a Nissan Cherry Milano X1 from year 1985 GL type (N12)

 1.5 liter motor type E15S (No turbo). 3-door Hatchback.

Nissan Cherry Milano X1 1985

Photo Copyright Thomas J. 2019


Seeking Body parts..

Im seeking NOS original body parts for my Nissan Cherry N12.

Fenders, door panel, Panel and seel, Apron-Front Lower, back fenders, back panel.

any other pody parts can have interest... 

Let me know what you got..  lerche@aarstiden.dk


What's special about the Nissan Cherry Milan X1

Actually, there is nothing special about the model as it is almost identical but a "Nissan Cherry 1.5 GL". Which has an E15S motor of 75 hp.

But there are a few things that are different.

1. The yellow / black color (also available in a white, where the black one is a wide marking from the side.
But the yellow / black was the best-selling. It is also characterized by the font "Milano X1" just behind the door at the bottom and the green line in the black and a green line on black background in the middle of the side of the car.

2. Electric sunroof that was quite wild for a car in that price range at that time.

3. Bowl-shaped "Rally seats" and headrest on the rear seats.

Spring 2019

Got the Nissan Cherry Milano X1  (N12)


Then I finally found the Nissan Cherry that I have been looking for a while.
I have to say that the wait has been worth the wait.
The car has a bit of rust to be arranged. But it is quite normal in our climate on an almost 35 year old car. In addition to the rust, there is no finger to put on this specimen which is whole and original stand inside and out.
There are no cuts for radio and speakers in either doors or hat shelf, so I'm very satisfied.
I found the car in North Jutland near Hjørring. The car has driven 115,000 (71,000 miles) so the car has only been running approx. 3400km a year. I am very pleased with the finding and for the same reason have not traded on the price.

If you have old sales material on this model or other things about such a Nissan from 1985 then I am interested.
I might also need body parts for such a Nissan Cherry N12!

Photo Copyright Thomas J. 2019

Nissan Cherry Milano X1 1985

Photo Copyright Thomas J. 2019

Nissan Cherry Milano X1 1985

Photo Copyright Thomas J. 2019

Nissan Cherry Milano X1

Sold in Denmark from September 1985 to summer 1986


price: € 15.250,- (in Denmark okt. 1985)

car body: 3-doors, hatchback

color exterior: yellow/black  ( code: 016/505)

color interior: gray/black

transmission: manual

number of seats: 5

special: integrated electric sunroof - mirror house yellow (black in the rest of the world, as i know)

same seats that came in the Turbo in 1986

first year of production: 1985 (this model sold in Denmark)

last year of production: 1985 (this model sold in Denmark)


drive: front

engine type: fuel engine

fuel: petrol

total maximum power: 55 kW (75 hp)

total maximum torque: 121 Nm


number of cylinders: 4, in line

valves per cylinder: 2

cylinder capacity: 1488 cc (1.5L)

bore x stroke: 76,0 x 82,0 mm

compression ratio: 9,5 :1

max power: 55 kW (75 hp)

max power @ rpm: 5600 rpm

max. torque: 121 Nm

max torque @ rpm: 2800 rpm

fuel system: carburetor

valve control: ohc

turbo: no

catalyst: no

fuel tank: 50 L


mass empty: 800 kg

max load capacity: 455 kg

maximum permissible mass: 1285 kg

maximum mass front axle:

maximum mass braked trailer: 1000 kg

maximum mass unbraked trailer: 415 kg

maximum roof load: 75 kg


length: 3995 mm

width: 1620 mm

height: 1385 mm

wheelbase: 2415 mm

front track width: 1395 mm

rear track width: 1385 mm

ground clearance: 0140 mm

total trunk capacity: 310-1020 l

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